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Acoustic Foam

Excessive noise can adversely affect our cognitive functions, listening capacity, and even cause health issues like stress, headaches, and speech intelligibility in children. Knowing these hazards, we definitely need to think of ways and means to reduce the noise in our surroundings.

Acoustic foam is one of the most popular products in the market to reduce noise around you. And get it easily in Canada through Acoustic Foam Canada.

Acoustic Foam

Undeniable Benefits of Sound Absorbing Material

Reducing volume

Be it the conference room, a lobby space, or the clubhouse, these types of places tend to be noisier than the rest because of having more people around at a given point of time. Using Acoustic wall panels to decorate the interiors of these places can magically help reduce the volume of sound in the area. As a result, multiple conversations can carry on smoothly without much disturbance.


With our foam you don’t have to compromise on your privacy. It allows you to rest well by blocking noise from outside and also lets you make some noise or have a party, without letting you disturb your neighbors.

Sound-absorbing curtains made from breathable fabrics are the latest innovation in the world of soundproofing. Get a foam tiles Canada today for yourself with acoustic panel Canada.

Reducing echo and reverberation

The echo is the most commonly faced problem in large rooms with high ceilings. An echo creates multiple wavelengths of retracting sound waves that interfere with the conversations in the room. Furniture, curtains, and rugs can contribute a little in preventing echo formation to a small extent, but these are not enough to accomplish the job, customized acoustic foam panels and wall tiles can be of great help.

Improve sound quality

If you own a home theatre, you must install some indoor foam panels to give a maximum sound output of the best quality. These are also helpful when installing in music recording studios, libraries, conference rooms, and meeting decks in offices.

Greater productivity

Loud noises can tend to distract people easily and kill their productivity at the workplace and even at home. Effectively reducing the noise by getting in a good number of soundproofing curtain room dividers goes a long way in improving productivity and efficiency.

Get yourself the best foam tiles Canada with Acoustic Foam Canada and get the best acoustic treatment for you.

Different types of acoustic treatment sold by us:

Other different types of Acoustic product which you can purchase:

  • Acoustic Bass Traps
  • Acoustic Foam Panels
  • Acoustic Foam Sheets
  • Acoustic Foam Tiles
  • Acoustic Wedge Foam
  • Egg Crate Foam
  • Speaker isolation pads

Get yourself the best quality foam with us. Just visit our website and browse one according to your need.

Purchase yourself the best of best quality foam with Acoustic Foam Canada and make a well acoustic treated room today.

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